NFC is Based On ? RFID


First dalit President of India ? KR Narayanan


Dialysis is treatment for ? Kidney


If B says that  his mother is the only daughter of A’s Mother. How A is related to B ? Uncle


Water is mixture of ? Hydrogen and Oxygen


Ozone layer is found where ? Stratosphere


How many players in a Volleyball team ? 6


Radish is Fruit of Vegetable ? Vegetable


Rupee sign created by ? D Udaya Kumar


Exobiology is ? Study of Life beyond the earth’s atmosphere


Who built Red Fort?


Full form of DVD


Full Form of ISRO


Study of mankind- Antropology


Study of serology is called


Largest cell in human body- ovum


Dirty blood is carried by- Arteries


Which acid helps in digestion in human- Gastric acid


Who is Maharastra Tigers’s Ambassador- Amitabh Bachchan


Where is Mahabodhi Temple- Bihar