RRB NTPC  6th april 2016

Railway Non-technical RRB 1st shift 6th April 2016 GS questions are below

1)In which year Microsoft was started?

Ans: 1975

2) Largest stadium of America is _______.

A: Michigan stadium

3) Who is first woman DG of parliamentary?

A: Archana Ramsasundaram

4) Other name of Badshah Khan is _____.

A: Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan

5) Calcium hydroxide is in ______.

A: Limewater

6) Nephron belongs ?


7) Syed Modi grand prix for ______

A: Badminton

8) Startup India launched Year?

A. 2016

9) What is Smiling Buddha mission?

A. India’s first successful nuclear bomb test At Pokhran city.

10) Mars planet other name?

A. Red planet.

11) Yellow fever caused by?

A. Male mosquitoes.

12) Chief election commissioner is removed by?

A. Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

13) British rule ended in which year?

A. 1947.

14) Female wrestler who won Arjuna award in 2015?

A. Babita Kumari.

15) Who won more grand slams in the year 2015?

A. Novak Djokovic.

16)  Political System of Afghanistan is known as?

A.  Democratic Republic.

17) 1st chairman of ISRO?

A. Vikram sarabhai.

18) What is Firewall in computer?

19) What is use of washing soda?

20) Gagan Narang related to which sport?

A.  Air rifle shooting.

21) When Microsoft started?

A. April 4, 1975.

22) Parliament construction year?

A. 1927.

23) Largest stadium in America?

A. Michigan stadium.

24) Which is not a gland?

A. Gall bladder.

25) Calcium hydroxide is found in ?

A. Lime water.

Railway Non-technical RRB 2nd shift 6th April 2016 GS questions are below

1)How Generator works?

A. By converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

2) By 2020, how many research centres will India establish in Antarctica?

3)Which of the following in not a protocol?

4) Ligo mission related to what?

A. Black hole.

5) Another name of Leprosy?

A. Hansen’s disease.

6) In the following, which is not come under Home ministry?

7) The Popular dance of Tamilnadu state?

A. Bharathanatyam.
8) who build Janther manther in New Delhi?

A. Maharaja Jai singh.

9) Currency of Myanmar?

A. Burmese kyat;

10) What is shortcut key of pasting in MS word?

A. Ctrl+V.

11) Loolong festival belongs to which state?

12) Dwarf planet is ?

A. Pluto.

13) Indian Independance year?

A. 1947.

14) Laughing gas?

A. Nitrous oxide.

15)Who is the father of modern Genetics?

A. Gregor Mendel

Railway Non-technical RRB 3rd shift 6th April 2016 GS questions are below


1.In which year does second Panipat war took place

A: 1556

2) Which country celebrate Independence on 19th August?

A: Afghanistan

3) Measurement of volley ground?

4) Ashoka stambha is taken from which dynasty?

5) The project ‘LIGO’ is related to _______
Ans:  rivers

6)  On how many pollutants National Air Quality Index is based?
Ans:  8

7) In which year anglo sikh war was fought?
Ans: 1845

8) Who is 8th UN secretary general?

A: Ban-ki-moon

9) Name of Ganga in Bangladesh?

A: Padma